Criminals / Cambriolage / Criminals / Infractorii


Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

Premiere: 08.08.2018, The Monkey House Theatre, London

Shows: 08.08.-11.08.2018 @9 pm

Cast: Louise Denyer, Armen Georgian and the voice of Monty Lloyd

Director: Anton Bonnici

What would YOU do if... Your business went up in flames, your insurance refused to pay, your bank declined to give you a loan and your wife told you she's expecting again?

Criminals! - A Financial Comedy about a simple man, his unlikely ally and their desperate strategy to escape the worst. Join out-of-luck Blini chef Igor Davidoff and out-of-work investment banker Victoria Davids for an evening of mayhem as they lurch through a maze of moral ambiguity and financial ruin left behind by the global crash.Written by the award-winning international playwright Ana-Maria Bamberger, Criminals! received its UK and English-language premiere at the Camden Fringe, after a thrilling first run at the Dramatists' Theatre in Bucharest.




Press UK:

FringeReview UK 2018

"For me, that’s the power of this production. Ana-Maria Bamberger’s writing makes us question the assumptions that we constantly make about what constitutes crime, and guilt."
FringeReview UK 2018

"I’ve probably made it sound rather political or philosophical, but ‘Criminals!’ is a comedy, with a lot of very funny lines..." 
FringeReview UK 2018

"‘Criminals!’ is very much a play of its time."
FringeReview UK 2018

"There was sustained applause from the enthusiastic audience on the night I saw ‘Criminals!’, and as I write this two days later I’m still pondering the issues the production raised.
Still caring about Victoria and Chuck, too. Isn’t that the mark of good theatre?"
FringeReview UK 2018


International Press:

"Brilliant dialogues and a thriller-like action... dynamic, conquering, and extremely funny“ Radio Theatre Magazine

„Memorable lines... lots of paradoxical situations, excellently constructed by the playwright... constantly stirring up the fun and the good mood of the audience“ Chirping Birds Cultural Magazine

„A spectacular comedy with two wonderful „criminals“ - totally worth their cash!“ Liveout.ro


CRIMINALS (INFRACTORII) had an acclaimed premiere at the Romanian Playwrights Theatre in Bucharest on January 21, 2018, where it is a sell-out success with both audiences and press.

The show was presented on tour in Canada (Montreal & Toronto) to sold-out theatres in April 2018.

The acclaimed English-language premiere took place in London in August 2018 during the Camden Fringe Festival (08.08.-11.08.2018) and will also be presented at the Paris Fringe in October 2018.

In January 2019, the French premiere took place at the Théâtre Le Guichet Montparnasse in Paris (04.01.2019).

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