One whole night - Une nuit entière - O noapte intreaga - Eine ganze Nacht


White Bear Theatre, London, 21 November  - 2 December, 2023

Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

Director: Lydia Parker

Cast: Tracey Ann Wood, Charlie Buckland

Light Design: Matt Hockley

Sound Design: Ódinn Örn Hilmarsson

General Manager: Anita Creed

Presented by Over Here Theatre Company and Magus Theatre Productions


Marisa is spiralling: she’s humiliated after being dumped for a younger actress, she’s having panic attacks and contemplating drinking herself to a dramatic end. That is until the kind doctor, Victor, arrives. Could he be her saviour?

What will save you when you lose everything you thought you had?

Marisa is spiralling fast: she’s furious and humiliated after being dumped for a younger actress. Now she’s having panic attacks and contemplating drinking herself to a dramatic end. When the doctor, Victor, arrives, he pulls Marisa up from the depths of despair, with a calming nature and good humour. Despite him being in his own complicated relationship, Marisa soon becomes convinced the kind doctor will be her saviour in more ways than one.

A riveting, funny and disturbing story, One Whole Night is a portrait of a woman who is both flamboyant and vulnerable, narcissistic yet insecure, who will leap blindly at happiness or be sucked into a whirlpool of misery. One Whole Night takes unexpected twists and turns, going seemingly from a story of lost love regained to something quite different.


Press :

Brilliant humour and wonderful chemistry - South London

Tracey Ann Wood’s performance of Marissa gives a convincing notion of the highs and lows this character feels and could be likened to a modern-day Eve - Reviews Hub

Marisa and Victor’s rapport is compelling to watch - South London

Captivating interplay between the characters, weaving a complex cat-and-mouse dynamic, is accentuated by Lydia Parker’s adept direction- Reviews Hub

Marisa’s monologues felt perfect for her character... Wood’s Marisa comes on so wonderfully strong - A Youngish Perspective

This interesting combination of personalities and professions opens up questions about the parallels between art and science - Reviews Hub

It's refreshing to see a more nuanced depiction of the male psyche - South London

Odinn Orn Hilmarsson’s composition, skillfully bookending each scene, adding depth to the production’s emotional landscape - Reviews Hub

Buckland is at his best in the first act as a detached medical professional ... An understated performance which made me want to see more - A Youngish Perspective







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