Belvedere / Belvédère

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Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

The Old Red Lion Theatre London, 2-13 November 2021

Streamed internationally on demand on 27 November-25 December 2021 on https://www.stream.theatre/season/217

Something strange is afoot at the Belvedere psychiatric clinic.

Anton, a famous writer, has checked himself into Belvedere to receive treatment for his hallucinations. But after a few weeks he seems to have become the subject of a medical study by young Dr. Defoe. Now Anton is tired of being locked away alone and isolated with his own thoughts. As a mysterious visitor from Anton's past appears, the border between reality and imagination is blurred.

Belvedere is a thrilling, witty, and moving play about creativity, mental health, and memory that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Cast: Dan March, Tracey Ann Wood, Stefan Menaul

Director: Lydia Parker

Set and Costume Design: Tamsin Robinson

Lighting Design: Jonathan Chan

Sound Design: Odinn Orn Hilmarsson

Movement director: Tracy Bargate

Stage Manager: Matt Carnazza

Producer: Antonia Georgieva

Presented by Over Here Theatre Company and Magus Theatre Productions





“A poetic and funny text. A great moment of theatre to enjoy.”

(Anne Delaleu, Théâtre Passion, Paris)


"A well-written, original, and touching play. Run to see it!”

(Gilbert Bourdon, Bobines et Papyrus, Paris)


“Intelligent and highly enjoyable theatre“ 

(Hamburger Morgenpost)


“A subtle and exciting game between reality and illusion” 

(Funk Korrespondenz)

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