Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger



Medical scientist Prof. S. has developed a new method to grow human embryos completely outside a woman's womb. Instead of being praised for this achievement, she is lonely and attacked from multiple sides for this allegedly unethical procedure. Azazel, her assistant, arranges a blind date for her. She meets M., a dubious, cynical and charming "consultant" who promises to solve all her problems - and even get her the Nobel Prize. From now on, things appear to run smoothly: Prof. S. gets the famous call from Stockholm and can continue with her research unhindered by public protesters. Yet the moment arrives for M. to get his part of the deal.

Synopsis (deutsch): Eine medizinische Sensation: Die Wissenschaftlerin Prof. S. hat eine Methode entwickelt, Embryonen zu erzeugen...mehr

Duration: 1h30

Cast: 3 actors (1F, 2M) or 2 actors (1F, 1M)



2019 London, Tristan Bates Theatre

2011 Hamburg, Kontraste-Theater



"A strong play - the new theatre hit by Ana-Maria Bamberger" - Hamburger Wochenblatt

"Amusing and sarcastic" - Hamburger Abendblatt

"Cheerful and reflective - a successful play about designer babies" - Hamburger Morgenpost

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