Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger



Co-habitation, routine and fixation with the common unharmonious past create a perfect hell from which escape seems impossible for the two elderly sisters Clara and Abelina. A black comedy on family patterns and sibling rivalry with a surprising end.

Synopsis (deutsch): Clara und Abelina sind zwei ältere Schwestern, die nicht ohne einander, aber noch viel weniger mit einander...mehr

Duration: 1h10

Cast: 2 actresses (2F)



2017 Brasov, Romania, Teatrul Particular Brasov

2016 Brasov, Romania, Teatrul Particular Brasov

2015 Brasov, Romania, Teatrul Particular Brasov

2014 Brasov, Romania, Teatrul Particular Brasov

2012 Bucharest, Teatrul de Comedie and Teatrul Masina de Vise

2011 International Festival Studiotheater, Award: Best Production

2011 Pitesti, Romania, Davila Theatre

2010 Sibiu, Romania, National Theatre Sibiu (German Section)



"A lesson in postmodern existentialism" - Argesus Newspaper

"A deadly serious comedy" - Sibiu Standard

"Highly amusing. Thunderous applause" - Süddeutsche Zeitung

"The audience has fun watching the two sisters quarreling" - Münchner Merkur


Festivals and Awards

International Theatre Festival for Studio Theatre InterFest and Balcanic Theatre, Pitesti - Best Show Award

Invitations to DAR Jassy Festival; FestCO - National Comedy Festival Bucharest, Romania


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