Criminals / The Most Honest Thief / Cambriolage / Infractorii / O Spargere cu peripetii


Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger


What would YOU do if...
Your business went up in flames
Your insurance didn't pay
Your bank didn't give you a credit 
Your wife told you she's expecting again?

Criminals is the story of a regular guy, his unexpected and unwilling ally and their desperate strategy to escape the worst.


75 min

1M,1F or 2M



2022 Brasov - Centrul Reduta - Teatrul Particular Brasov

2022 Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Alley Theatre (Hasimta Theatre)

2021 Germany - Tour: Frankfurt (Interantional Theater), Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Augsburg

2019 Brasov, Romania, Teatrul Particular Brasov

2019 Beijing, China, Interantional Book Fair (Romanian Production)

2019 Paris, Théâtre Le Guichet Montparnasse (French Production)

2018 Paris Fringe (English Production)

2018 London, The Monkey House (The Emrys John Studio), Camden Fringe (English Production)

2018 Canada, Montreal & Toronto, Tour (Romanian Production)

2018 Bucharest, Romanian Playwrights Theatre



"The author Ana-Maria Bamberger portrays with an intrusive finesse characters that resemble us and describes with an effective address unlikely situations which become so true because they are so close. The text is salient and funny, with memorable lines. She decides to make us take the path of a life-saving laugh that comes to tickle our relationship to reality by delicate little touches, without cynicism, always with complicity.

A comedy but not only. A superb and interesting text. An interpretation that delivers. A show that I recommend."

(Frédéric Perez, Spectatif; Paris)

"The story is fun, and we know thanks to them how not to miss out on a burglary (take notes!). The two comedians are having a lot of fun, the text is light and tells a lot about friendship."

(Anne Delaleu, Théâtre Passion,  Paris)


"It is in the tone of humor that Ana-Maria Bamberger conveys her messages: where is justice? Can we do justice to ourselves? What about morality? What about loyalty?

Caoustic, funny dialogues that emphasize the interpretation of the notions of crime and guilt.

A lot of topics are addressed throughout this comedy, served by two actors well in their roles."

(Bruno Rozga,Le Billet de Bruno, Paris)

(FringeReview London 2018)

"For me, that’s the power of this production. Ana-Maria Bamberger’s writing makes us question the assumptions that we constantly make about what constitutes crime, and guilt."
(FringeReview London 2018)

"I’ve probably made it sound rather political or philosophical, but ‘Criminals!’ is a comedy, with a lot of very funny lines..." 
(FringeReview London 2018)

"‘Criminals!’ is very much a play of its time."
(FringeReview London 2018)


"There was sustained applause from the enthusiastic audience on the night I saw ‘Criminals!’, and as I write this two days later I’m still pondering the issues the production raised.
Still caring about Victoria and Chuck, too. Isn’t that the mark of good theatre?"
(FringeReview UK 2018)"Brilliant dialogues and a thriller-like action... dynamic, conquering, and extremely funny“ (Radio Theatre Magazine)

„Memorable lines... lots of paradoxical situations, excellently constructed by the playwright... constantly stirring up the fun and the good mood of the audience“ (Chirping Birds Cultural Magazine)

„A spectacular comedy with two wonderful „criminals“ - totally worth their cash!“


Radio Theatre Magazine, Bucharest (Razvana Nita):
"A text with paradoxical, brilliant dialogues and a thriller-like action for two great actors – the engaging Ada Navrot and Dan Tudor, who is also the director of this dynamic, conquering, and extremely funny show!“

"Starting from the inspiring formula 'ordinary people in extraordinary situations', Ana-Maria Bamberger constructs a succession of slightly absurd comical situations full of charm and flair. The success with the audience is guaranteed“

"CRIMINALS is an honest, energizing and nourishing play for all those who have a craving for theater, a love for actors and enjoy a good joke."


Chirping Birds Cultural Magazine, Bucharest - Theatre (Dinu Grigorescu):
„This comedy works through a multitude of memorable lines, and also through lots paradoxical situations, excellently constructed by the playwright and the director, constantly stirring up the fun and the good mood of the audience.“

„Unlike many other shows and comedies through which the audience sits in sphinx-like silence, here we hear exactly what every comedy author hopes for: the loud laughter and applause of the audience, the most eloquent proof of success."

"Superb interpretations by Dorina Roman and Luminita Borta. Ana-Maria Bamberger has created two roles that are a perfect fit for the two talented actresses. A sparkling tragicomedy with a happy end, emotional and thought provoking at the same time."  (Viviana Costan, Spectators Voice, Brasov)

"The script is humorous and suspenseful, and Dorina Roman & Luminita Borta complete this picture with an excellent interpretation. Congratulations and great success to the play!"
(Antonela Cristina Lungu - La Pas prin Brasov) 

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