The Stone / Le Rocher / Pietroiul / Der Stein


Authors: Ana-Maria Bamberger & Christoph M. Bamberger



7:30 a.m., somewhere in suburbia. Fred H., director of a small savings bank, has to rush to an important meeting with his boss. But something is blocking his drive. A stone. A large stone. Impossible to get past it. Where did it come from? How to react? And what is the meaning of all this anyway? Freddy works himself through temper tantrums, resignation and biting sarcasm down to the fundamental questions of his life ...
A tragic-comic play about real and imaginary obstacles and the more or less successful attempts to overcome them.

Synopsis (français): Sept heures du matin. Frédéric Haberman, banlieusard et directeur d'une petite

Synopsis (deutsch): 7:30 Uhr morgens. Fritz Habermann, Leiter einer kleinen Sparkassenfiliale, muss dringend zu einer alles...mehr

Duration: 1h

Cast: 1 actor (1M)



2019 Salzburg, Austria, Kleines Theater Salzburg

2015 Festival Avignon Off, Théâtre des Corps Saints (co-producer: Hyperactif, Paris)

2015 Hamburg, Lichthof Theater 

2015 Paris, Théâtre Essaion (co-producer: Hyperactif, Paris)

2014 Bucharest, National Theatre Radio

2014 Brighton, Upstairs at Three and Ten Theatre

2014 London, Tristan Bates Theatre

2014 Paris, Théâtre du Petit Hébertot

2013 Theater Paderborn, Westfälische Kammerspiele



"Le Rocher or the Myth of Sisiphus revisited... Run there and see this light-hearted metaphysical play which, in addition to being absurdist, lacks neither salt nor humour." (Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris)

"An excellent play. A cry of hope. A piece of theatre which is representative of our epoque" (Yves Chevalier, Théâtre sans Frontières, Paris).

"A new play, alternating humor and drama... Magic through words... We all recognize ourselves in this simple, normal character, an anti-hero of modern times. He takes us with him, refocusing us around the really urgent questions, the true questions" (Jeanne Rolland, Artistik Rezo, Paris).

"A universe freezes - another appears. Obstacles are good!" (Pierre Durrande, L'homme nouveau, Culture, Paris)

"Great acting by Florent Aumaitre, bravo, a beautiful and intelligent show!" ***** (Chatelin Bruno, M21 Entertainment - Paris).

"A fantastic and funny metaphor of a legendary act of liberation" (Neue Westfälische).

"An apparently easy going play with rich facets of human self-irony, sarcasm, and the insight in how everybody can conquer his little share of happiness." (Neue Westfälische).

"A success story" (Westfälisches Volksblatt).

"Witty and original" (Westfälisches Volksblatt).

"Stringency and brilliant writing" (Themen der Zeit).

"A wonderful play!" (Themen der Zeit).

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