2018 - "Criminals" in London

Criminals (Cambriolage/Infractorii)


Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

Premiere: 08.08.2018, The Monkey House Theatre, London

Cast: Louise Denyer, Armen Georgian and the voice of Monty Lloyd

Director: Anton Bonnici


The successful English language premiere of Criminals took place in the Monkey House Theatre in London on August 8, 2018, and was highly acclaimed both by the public and the press.

(FringeReview UK 2018)

"For me, that’s the power of this production. Ana-Maria Bamberger’s writing makes us question the assumptions that we constantly make about what constitutes crime, and guilt."
(FringeReview UK 2018)

"I’ve probably made it sound rather political or philosophical, but ‘Criminals!’ is a comedy, with a lot of very funny lines..."
(FringeReview UK 2018)

"‘Criminals!’ is very much a play of its time."
(FringeReview UK 2018)

"There was sustained applause from the enthusiastic audience on the night I saw ‘Criminals!’, and as I write this two days later I’m still pondering the issues the production raised. Still caring about Victoria and Chuck, too. Isn’t that the mark of good theatre?"
(FringeReview UK 2018)