2014 - "Taxi Blues": Transfer to the CREART Theatre Bucharest

The successful play Taxi Blues about the personal and artistic identity crisis of an exiled Shakesperean actor working as a taxi driver in an economically superior country (e.g. Germany) and his hearth-warming pre-Christmas encounter with a co-national is starting its 4th season in Bucharest starring Marius Bodochi & Dan Tudor (who also directed). The very successful premiere took place in October 2011 at the Nottara Theatre Bucharest and the G. Ciprian Theatre Buzau. Awards/Tours: Best Production and Best Leading Actor Awards at the International Festival Studio Theatre InterFest 2011 Best Production, Best Director and Best Actor Awards at the National Comedy Festival Galati 2012 Extensive tours in Romania, Germany and Austria in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.