2017 - "Poisson et Petits Pois !" (Martha, Marina) in Avignon

"Poisson et Petits Pois !" (Martha, Marina)

Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

Translation: Philippe Ladet et Ana-Maria Bamberger

Adaptation: Slimane Kacioui

Théatre La Luna, Avignon

Dates: 07.07.2017-30.07.2017

Cast: Marie-Hélène Lentini, Valentine Revel

Directors: Slimane Kacioui, Aliocha Itovich

Diffusion: ZD Productions / Amélie Bonneaux et Sylvain Dérouault; Attaché de presse: Coupe Fil communication / Guillaume Bertrand; Stage design and light: Franz Laimé; Poster: Arnaud Schmitt; Photographs: Franck Harscouët; Production: Hyperactif, Magus Theatre Productions, ZD Productions







"A play that makes one feel good, smile, and laugh! Our opinion: we love it!"
(La Provence)

"Ana-Maria Bamberger has written a universal play. A feminine duo that works just wonderfully."

"Touching and funny at the same time - a play that makes you feel good!"
(Vaucluse Matin)

"Incontestably a success both with regard to the writing and to the interpretation. The show not to be missed at the Festival Off this year!"
(Tous les théâtres)

"There is a lot of truth in this play ... It is a tender and delicate play and above all it makes one smile. Marie-Hélène Lentini is stunning as the sarcastic mother, and Dorothée Martinet full of emotion in her role as the daughter."

"Sensible and funny... Coup de Coeur!"
(L'Oeil d'Olivier)