The role of her life (Welt am Sonntag, March 14, 2010)

By Paul Barz

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Two languages, two vocations (Hamburger Wochenblatt, May 11, 2010)

By Christian Hanke

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Status symbols don't mean a great deal to me (Hamburger Morgenpost, April 29, 2010)

Hamburger Morgenpost

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Dramas of a doctor (Hamburger Abendblatt, March 29, 2010)

By Klaus Witzeling

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Great fun - Ana-Maria Bamberger visits Hermannstadt (Hermannstädter Zeitung, April 16, 2010)

Like high fever (Bonner Generalanzeiger, Sept 11 2008)

By Maike Freund

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Playwright in Hamburg (Libertatea, Sept 24 2006)

By Raluca Damian

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