2014 - "Der Stein" ("Rock and a Hard Place") in Brighton

Theater: Upstairs at Three and Ten Theatre Brighton

Daten: Brighton Fringe Festival, 9.-11. Mai 2014

Autoren: Ana-Maria Bamberger and Christoph M. Bamberger

Regie: Jonathan G. Lewis

Darsteller: Simon de Cintra

Regieassistenz und Stage Management: Zoe Zak, Nicola Cartwright

Licht: Harry Baker

Produzenten: act naturally London/Magus Theatre Productions


"A well-told tale (...) delivers laughs and poignancy in roughly equal measure. Disliking it would take a heart of stone." (Fringe Guru****)

"De Cintra’s portrayal eloquently captures a hidden vulnerability, the secret courage we all have to muster when it’s time to face the music" (Fringe Guru****)

"There are some nice humorous moments and it's enjoyable to discover each new position Freddie finds to perch upon the rock as the lights come up on each new scene. There's also a satisfying ending as Freddie makes peace with the rock and with his own life." (Fringe Review)

"The production is well staged and directed by Jonathan Guy Lewis and Simon De Cintra pulls off a difficult role (...). The very attractive rock is also well performed by 'the rock'" (Fringe Review)