2014 - "Der Stein" ("Rock and a Hard Place"): Englische Premiere in London

Autoren: Ana-Maria Bamberger und Christoph M. Bamberger

Adaptation und Regie: Jonathan G. Lewis

Darsteller: Simon de Cintra Theater: Tristan Bates Theatre, London

Daten: 17.4., 18.4. und 19.4.2014.


"A well-told tale (...) delivers laughs and poignancy in roughly equal measure. Disliking it would take a heart of stone." (Fringe Guru****)

"De Cintra’s portrayal eloquently captures a hidden vulnerability, the secret courage we all have to muster when it’s time to face the music" (Fringe Guru****)

"Freddy Hammond (Simon de Cintra) is great fun to watch as he struggles with a big rock blocking his driveway. Absurdist and hilarious. Big laughs. Highly recommended!" (Time Out London ****)